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Tri-Chem Softly Flo Paints
66 different shades of acrylic based fabric/craft paint in 1 oz. tubes with unique ballpoint tips. With Softly Flo Paint you will have hours of enjoyment and satisfaction painting clothing and home d6cor items for yourself, family and friends. Softly Flo Paint has a patented ball-point tip that makes painting easy, with the added advantage of knowing that everything you paint is permanent. Softly Flo can be mixed with water to create lighter shades of color. Tips and brushes clean up easily with soap and water for added convenience. This Softly Flo painting guide will take you through the basics of painting to shading with Softly Flo Paints so you get the professional results that are easy to achieve.
Using Softly Flo Ball-Point Paints

Before painting with Softly Flo, snap a tube protector in  place over the neck of the tube. This prevents the tube from being squeezed or bent and ensures an even flow of paint. With the cap of the tip removed, hold the tube vertically, tip facing down, and apply slight pressure to the tip. As the ballpoint tip is depressed, the paint is released. As long as the tube is held vertically the paint will flow evenly. if the tube is held at an angle the paint will--not flow as well. Excessive rubbing on the side of the tip can cause the ball-point tip to drop out of the tube, so always hold the tube vertically. Never roll or fold the crimped edge of the tube. The tube will flatten automatically as you use the paint. Always store Softly Flo Paints with the cap on, tip down, ideally, in a tube tray stand or Tri-Chem Rose Tote which holds all 48 basic colors.



Caring for Ball-Point Tips.

Always keep tips clean, wipe tips frequently with a lint free cloth, or use a Tri-Chem tip zip #0371 to clean tips for optimal performance. Tips can be removed easily for replacement. To remove, hold tube in a tip up position between the thumb and index finger. Gently press the sides of the crimped edge of the tube to pull paint away from the ball-point tip end. Then, holding the tube upright, grip the tip lightly using Tri-Chem tip pliers #0641 and turn the tube until the tip is removed. Replace with a new tip or a fast-flo tip if covering large areas, or wonder-flo tip to produce a free flowing line or dots of paint. (See painting ideas on other side.) Note: When painting with a brush, it is not necessary to remove the Softly Flo ball-point tip. Simply depress the tip and hold the tip down onto a piece of Tri-Chem palette paper. Paint will flow onto the paper until you remove pressure from the tip.


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