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Tri-Chem Tip Care and Use

A little time invested in looking after your Tri Chem paints and tips will add to the enjoyment of your craft.

Replacement tips:
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Directions for caring for tips mention solvent which is only used for the older oil based paints.  When cleaning the tips from the new Softly-Flo paints water should be used as they are a water based paint.

It is very important to keep tips clean while painting. For a little time and care invested in cleaning tips, and storing paints properly, you will be rewarded with very few tip problems.

Always test paint on a scrap of material prior to starting on your project; to assure paint is flowing properly. If paint is sluggish, stroke several times over a Tip Zip moistened with solvent. Do not allow paint to build up on tip while painting. Stop occasionally and stroke tip over Tip Zip. Make a few "figure 8's" on a lint-free surface. This will flush out its of line which can clog the tip or cause the tip to least. (This is imperative when painting on suede or velvet.)

MOST IMPORTANT : When finished painting flush the tips as just mentioned, burp the tube, run the tip over Tip Zip, replace the plastic cap on the tube and store paint tip down in toter.

Always place E-Z Flo tips in a tip bath jar with regular solvent if removed from a tube.

Odorless Solvent should NOT be used to soak or clean tips since it will cause the paint to become "gummy" in the tips. (this solvent is intended for thinning paints for brush painting only, not for cleaning.)

When painting large surfaces stop periodically to allow the tips to "cool off". A warm tip will expand allowing the metal ball to fall out.

Tips are like the tires on your car. They will wear out after continued use but will give long service if properly cared for.

 ALWAYS burp a new tube before starting to paint. Hold tube vertically (cap removed) with tip touching hoop blotter. Pinch crimped end while gently pressing tip down.

 ALWAYS hold tube in vertical position when painting. Paint is distributed better to the painting surface and tip will not wear down prematurely.


ALWAYS use the tube protector on paints with a ball point tip. This protects the tube from being squeezed or bend while painting. Neglecting to use the tube protector will void the guarantee.

NEVER roll or fold tube. Paint flows to tip end automatically when painting


 ALWAYS keep tips clean. Use the Tip Zip frequently while painting to insure better performance.

ALWAYS store tubes with tip down.

ALWAYS hold tube cradled in a writing position when painting with the Wonder-Flo tips. Gently press tube with thumb for proper flow of paint to tip.


 NEVER leave Wonder-Flo tip on tube when not in use. Remove and clean, and replace E-Z Flo tip onto tube.

ALWAYS take apart Fast-Flo tip carefully for cleaning. (it unscrews into two parts with a spring and ball inside. HINT - hold the tip over the back of the hoop when taking apart, if the ball or spring drops it will be easy to find in the hoop.

 ALWAYS clean open end tips used on Spark-L-On and other water based soft tubes with the Clean Sweep pin #8122 to remove any clogs. After use be sure to clean tips in soap and water to remove any remaining paint.

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